About Me

Myself standing in front of my booth
during graduation showcase

"An Artist who shows his stories through passionate sketches and in pursuit of improving his skills together with others."

A Singaporean citizen who used to draw stick man comics during his Primary school days.

I've started to rekindle my interest of drawing during my Secondary Three school days, I was drawing Japanese anime stuff back then for both myself and my friends. With the advice from a friend and senior of Nanyang Polytechnic's Animation course, I took a step into the world of animation.

Within 3 years in the Animation course, my skills have heighten to a large extent. I have a chance to learn 3D applications, history of animation, behind-the-scenes of movie sets, and many more. I was able to improve myself as a person. Where my perspective was broaden and how I tackle challenges with an open mindset and a calm manner.

I love to draw and paint scenarios. As I believe, a piece of art work tells a story behind the scenes. I want to tell a story about my life and feelings and maybe about other people's lives.

I had several inspirations. Like for example 3D Animated show called "RWBY" by the late RoosterTeeth's Monty Oum. The way how the characters move in intense action scenarios have inspired me so greatly to be one thing. A Character Animator.

Other Interests

People would expect me to draw all the time. Actually I have a life outside of drawing too.

I do play computer games occasionally. During weekdays, I went outdoors to play Nerf blasters. As someone who is into Japanese culture and pop culture, I am interested in cosplay. Therefore, I make props and costumes. I am also interested in 3D Printing and I am currently building my knowledge on it.

I wished to travel the world so I could see more of the world that I have yet seen.

All in all. I did not regret walking this path.

Alvis Lim

During Final Year Project 1 where we got to let off some steam and let loose ourselves for a while.